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Dara Rochlin

The Redondo Union High School Indoor Percussion Ensemble will be performing their show, “When you’re young”, throughout the next few months as part of their competitive season. The show will explore the opportunities that appear in life and our choice to accept them. Follow the life of a young girl as she decides to learn the art of dance, grow along her path, and become who she was always meant to be.

Every year during the second semester of high school, young and very talented musicians join together as part of a team and work together through hundreds of hours of rehearsals to perfect their competitive show. They learn technique for the instruments, the show music itself, drill and visual movement, as well as how to be confident performers in front of sometimes up to hundreds of audience members. The amount of time and dedication that each member puts into the program pays off at the end of the season with fun memories that will last a lifetime, the understanding of many life skills, friends that will be in their lives forever, and tons of awards and recognitions.

The typical instrumentation of the group consists of snare drums, tenor drums, bass drums, and the “pit” (a mix of electronic instruments as well as melodic percussion instruments such as the Xylophone, Marimba, etc). Though this is normally an ideal arrangement, this year, we have experienced tremendous growth not only in regards to education and performance excellence but also in the physical amount of students joining the ensemble! We are no longer able to add more members to the team due to a “maxing out” of instruments owned…


We are looking to purchase 5 sets of marching tom drums and 4 sets of cymbals to give us the ability to take 9 more students into the group! No student is turned away from joining but without the extra instruments, we would not be able to accommodate the growth this year or any in the future.

Your support will be used directly to purchase these instruments and see that everyone who signed up with interest is able to become a great performer and member of the ensemble. Each instrument costs an average of $400 – $500 (the tom drums come with a harness to be used to move/march around while wearing the drum and the cymbals come with straps and protective pads to hold the cymbals in the hands while they use them and move/march around).

While there is not an exact deadline, we have our first competition on March 5th and the sooner we are able to purchase the instruments, the sooner the members can work to get a head start on their competitive season.

Any amount helps! That is said for any type of fundraiser and it is entirely true! Any dollar amount will help us get closer to our goal and allow the students of Redondo Union to have a succesful indoor percussion season!

I thank you for your time and support of this great group of kids. Please help us provide an experience they will always remember!

– Andrew Ramirez
Percussion Music Director,
Redondo Union High School


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