Student Leadership 2016/2017

Note: Each table (Student Leadership – Band, Student Leadership – Guard, and Tri M Officers)  have their own search box.

Student Leadership – Band

Band Name
Band Captain Teà Leksunthon
Drum Major Brandon Chun
Drum Major Ryan Bender
Asst. Drum Major Jake Buchen
Drum Captain Kyle Ealy
WW Sergeant Taylor Heredia
Brass Sergeant Michele Cheaure
Drum Sergeant Saffi Yapp
Equipment Manager Noah Stodder
Uniform Manager Mia Wicks / Michele Cheaure
Flute Section Leader Poorna Sharma
Clarinet Section Leader Taylor Heredia
Alto Sax Section Leader Carly Stock
Alto Sax Section Leader Pearl Saffery
Tenor Sax Section Leader Brad Tarwater
WW Bassline Section Leader Nico Catalano
Trumpet Section Leader Joaquin Escalante
Trumpet Section Leader Sam White
F-Horn / Mellophone Section Leader Alex Delperdang
Low Brass Section Leader Anthony Rojas
Tuba Section Leader Jake Buchen
Front Ensemble Section Leader Caitlyn Catubig
Battery Section Leader Lucas Simoes

Student Leadership – Guard

Guard Name
Guard Captain Emily Coan
Guard Captain Emily Coneybeare
Asst. Guard Captain Laila Digras
Asst. Guard Captain Mocha Ito
Asst. Guard Captain Kelsey Kirkpatrick
Equipment / Uniform Manager Alexis Widman
Equipment / Uniform Manager Kayley Petryshyn

Tri M Officers

Tri M Officers Name
President Ryan Bender
Vice President Maya Moggia
Secretary Alexander Talaie
Treasurer Jocelyn Sfetcu
Librarian / Wind Ensemble Rep Michele Cheaure
Librarian / Jazz Band Rep Brad Tarwater
Librarian / Marching / Concert Band Rep Emily Chung / Logan Ramos
Librarian / Symphonic Band Rep Nico Catalano
Librarian / Percussion Rep Caitlyn Catubig
Historian Kate Lux
Asst. Historian Lena Mukhalian
Dance Guard Rep Kelsey Smith
Dance Guard Rep Avalon Silver